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Lucy Specialty Coffee is independent coffee export company based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and working in coffee industry for several years as a family base business. We cater to a diverse set of clients from USA, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Japan and South Africa. Committed to ensuring that our customers consistently get the best coffee the world has to offer, our dedicated team of experts work closely with the coffee farmers in Ethiopia constantly re-innovating the styles of coffee production to increase quality and efficiency.

We have been in the following businesses:

  •  Hotel(Oasis International hotel hawassa and Kenenisa Hotel Plus)
  • seasame and Coffee Export
  • Raw material Import
  • Iron and Steel Import
  • Electronics Import

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Lucy Organic Coffee is dedicated to being the leading supplier of quality coffee to the world in a sustainable and wholesome way. Our work is tangential to strengthening the local farmers capacity.


To increase foreign currency input in the country and alleviate the current shortage through exporting quality coffee and to become an internationally competitive coffee export company .


Integrity is key in establishing a long and meaningful relationship with our customers and is always at the forefront of our business model

Social responsibility

Trustworthiness is important to us; the sample you get are the coffee we export and we make this a reality by working closely with the hardworking farmers that bring you this coffee. Our work is engaged in providing education to our farmers on the best way to cultivate the coffee, injecting different technological advancements into the process to make it faster, more efficient and higher grade. We strongly believe in enriching the lives not only the lives of our customers but all stakeholders in the coffee industry.

Our Products

Lucy specialty Coffee exports 3600 tons of Grade 1 quality Specialty Yirgachefe, Guji, Sidama and Limu Coffee per year, with all its rich and unique taste and flavor to its customers all over the world.


Yirgachefe coffee is grown between 1,700- 2200 masl in region where the highest quality Arabica coffee is grown. Its uniqueness and intensity, sweet flavor and aroma make this predominantly berry profile coffee bean give it a rich and smooth taste with a clean taste.


Snug against Sidamo and Yirgache in the Oromia zone, the Gujji zone coffee is grown between 1500- 2100 masl. It’s known for having a sweetly tart acidity and its taste ranges from sweet lemon candy and fl oral tea to heavy green melon and rose fl avors, with a bright and winey yet balanced feel.


The Sidama coffee comes from a region in southern Ethiopia where the ideal soil type, climate altitude, rainfall and temperature combine to make it the largest supplier of washed coffee in the country. Sidama coffee is grown between 1700-1950 masl and its greenish gray medium sized beans are known for their sweetly .


Limu coffee is grown between 1500-1900 masl and its roundish ad green colored beans have an intense, sweet, taste with a vibrant low citric acidity. The medium sized coffee beans are grown in the Jimma zone, Oromia region, and have notes of spice and wine; soft berry undertones and rich fl oral overtones.

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